Today Denise works independently designing a broad range of projects for both international and local companies, including non-profit organizations. While maintaining a fast work pace and with a creative and meticulous eye for detail and hands on professional experience, she offers her services on an hourly, per-project or retainer basis. For projects that require the need for hand-renderings, Denise’s illustration skills have proven to be a bonus for any company she works with. 


Denise Wantz       Art Director Designer Illustrator

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At the early age of six years, I became the proud owner of my very first artist easel. From then on through art school, my parents kept me in supply of crayons, paper, paint, markers and whatever I could get my grubby little hands on. Fortunately that led me on my path to graduating with honors from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh where I majored in Visual Communications and Illustration. During graduation I was recruited by The University of Pittsburgh where I began my professional career as a Graphic Designer.

Since those days, I’ve done everything from designing high-end furniture and lighting for a national manufacturer, developed and managed an in-house design & advertising department as Art Director, worked as Production Manager for a Phoenix PR and marketing firm and created thousands of pages during my publishing days with Phoenix Home & Garden and Phoenix magazine.

I have a huge desire to create, whether it be a simple logo, an intense vector graphic, email blast, a drawing of my dog or just painting on the walls! I eat, sleep and breath for this stuff and pride myself on maintaining a fast work pace, utilizing the latest technology while proving my ability to bring creative solutions to a wide range of projects and their budgets.